sabato 7 novembre 2009

november 7th, day one

First and foremost: my native language is not English.
Then why writing my first blog ever in English if this might imply a possible lack in correctness, you might wonder. Well, I have been reading loads of food blogs lately, and the best ones were all written in English: English is clear, minimal and straightforward while still allowing a powerful and entertaining prose (ah! all those neologisms, those onomatopoeias!) .
Plus, English speaking blogs in general are the best on the Net, and - last but not least- English is my second language being my granpa American and my mom ("just") a naturalized American ( who never uttered a word of English all through her life to be honest...not until last summer when, at 53, she went to the U.S. for the FIRST TIME and discovered she could interact perfectly with everybody in New York): in short, this is a language I love to speak, to write, to read and sometimes to dream in.

As of me as a cooking passionate, I have had this "thang" with cooking ever since I was a kid, although it never occurred to me this could be something I would once wish to share with others (at least on a theoretical level...unless you all intend to show up for dinner one day or the other): recipes, new ingredients discoveries, tastes from travels around the world or thoughts on how food can speak louder than some "I love yous", are some things I can't seem to be able to keep to myself any longer, so why not take advantage of this brilliant, entertaining way to express oneself that is a food blog? Plus with English I reach more people, so the more the better.

Then so be it: English, Latin, Sasckrit or Italian (ta da! my native language) who cares? Let's all be entertained under the sublime mark of good food.
Buon appetito!

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  1. Plus if it's in English all your devoti americani can follow along!

    More chocolate cake please. :)