sabato 4 febbraio 2012

Dulce de leche

A good day is really good when you find time to indulge in what you like the most, that' s a fact. I have had the fullest of years this past year when I haven't been writing, and I have had the fullest of months this past month, when I have been meditating on writing again.
Cooking has always been my way to real relaxation: stirring, combining, adding flavors in layers makes me feel like an alchemist of taste. Now, today I have done one of the less articulated yet closest to magic recipes I have ever tried: Dulce de leche.
Originally Argentinian, dulce the leche first appears in my memory as the favorite dessert of a child travelling Patagonia with his super poor family: PATAGONIA TERRA AMICA, was the summer reading of my third year in middle school, and the dulce de leche was, in the eyes of the writer and mine, the final destination of a trip to salvation. When I first met Leandro, my friend from - guess where - Argentina, he introduced me to the actual taste of this magic food, obtained by boiling condensed milk directly in its sealed can for several hours. The result is a lucious creamy delight tasting like "mou" (or butterscotch). You can do practically everything with it, though its classical combination is with panqueques, a cross between pancakes and crepes.

a can of good quality condensed milk, sweetened
water to boil

As simple as it is, Dulce the leche just needs to be put in a pot WITHOUT OPENING THE CAN, covering it with cold water.
After bringing the agua to a boil, let simmer for 2.30 to 3 hours.
Be careful to check from time to time that the can stays covered in water, as - if not - it may explode and leak.
Once the time has passed, remove the can from the pot and let it rest for at least 15 minutes.
Open the can and let your eyes be amazed by this golden brown caramel-like sauce. It will still be very warm, so don't be tempted to stick a spoonful in your mouth straight from the can or you will be thoroughly punished by your own greediness.

Use on icecream, chocolate cake and, of course, in panqueques (recipe on its way).
Patagonia here I come!

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